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Variation of g

The value of g at the surface of the earth is given by the equation g=G\frac{GM}{R^2} and its average value on the surface of the earth is about 9.8 ms^{-2} . But we have to remember that the value of g changes with R and some other factors which we will  discuss below. Even from above equation we can tell that as the body moves above or below the surface of the earth, the value of g changes.

Variation of g above the surface…

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Newton’s law of Gravitation

Newton’s law of Gravitation

The motion of heavenly objects like Planets, sun, natural satellites etc has drawn a lot of attention in the past the the mystery of their motion remain unsolved until 1665. Sir Issac Newton at the age of 23 made one of the biggest contribution to Physics by simply showing that the force by which moon revolves around the Earth is same force responsible for causing apple to fall to the ground. Sir…

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Integral calculus formula

Integral calculus the the reverse process of differentiation. So if differentiation of f(x) is g(x) then f(x) is called the integral or anti-derivative of g(x). It is written as \int g(x)dx = f(x)

If \frac{d}{dx}f(x) = g(x) , \frac{d}{dx}f(x) + C = g(x) where C is any constant. Thus, if f(x) is the integral of g(x) then f(x)+1 or f(x)+5 or in general f(x)+C is also an integral of g(x). So, based on this fact we write \int g(x)dx = f(x)+C where C is any constant.

\int Cf(x)dx = C \int  f(x)dx
\int {f_1(x) \pm f_2(x)} dx = \int f_1(x) dx \pm \int f_2(x) dx

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Some amazing Google tricks

Some amazing Google tricks

1. Type in “Google in 1998″ for using the very old version of the search engine.

2. To Look for the meaning and etymology of any word just type “proactive etymology”

3. To play a hidden game built in the Google search engine just enter “Zerg Rush”

4. Just enter “Festivus” on search box and see what happens. Let me know on comment what happened.

5. Type “define anagram” and see how geeky Google…

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Elastic collision in one dimension

Elastic collision in one dimension

Any collision is elastic if the total kinetic energy of the colliding particles remains conserved. Let us consider two bodies A and B with masses m_1 and m_2 are moving with the initial velocity u_1 and u_2 respectively in the same direction and same straight line. In this problem let us suppose that velocity of one object is greater than other (u_1 > u_2) and they are on the collision path. In this situation object A…

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Projectile motion in Horizontal direction

Projectile motion in Horizontal direction

Let us suppose that an object is thrown from a certain height ‘h’ above the ground in horizontal direction with initial velocity ‘u’. This horizontal velocity remains unaffected by the acceleration due to gravity. In this case ‘g’ remains constant throughout the motion. There are two way motion in the projectile, one is vertical motion and another is horizontal motion.

Vertical motion
Just after…

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Quantum Computers

A classical computer performs operations using classical bits which can be either 0 or 1. Now in contrast a quantum computer uses quantum bits or qubits and they can be both 0 & 1 at the same time and it is this that gives a quantum computer its superior computing power. There are a number of physical objects that can be used as a qubit, a single photon a nucleus or an electron. Researchers are…

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2014 FIFA World Cup match schedule and results

2014 FIFA World Cup match schedule and results

2014 FIFA world cup will be the 20th football world cup which is taking place in Brazil from 12 June to 13 July 2014. Brazil is hosting the FIFA world cup for the second time the first one was held in 1950. There will be altogether 64 matches played around 12 cities. Spain is the defending champions. There are altogether 32 nations fighting for the title. The competing nations for 2014 FIFA world…

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One Plus one

We are talking about a phone a phone (one plus one) that is taking the internet by storm very recently since it was announced and revealed as the one plus one. To clarify things, company name is one plus and the phone name is 1. One plus is a Chinese manufacture and are relatively new company hence we are not sure about what to expect from them but he new device have pretty good specs.

The real…

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Postulates of Quantum mechanics

Postulates of Quantum mechanics

Few postulates of Quantum mechanics are stated below:

Postulate 1 (describes the state of quantum mechanical system): At a given time t_o the state of quantum mechanical system is defined by specifying a ket |\psi(t_o)> belonging to state space \varepsilon .

Postulate 2 (description of physical quantity): Every measurable quantity A is described by an observable \hat{A} acting in the state space \varepsilon .

Postulate 3 (Measurement of…

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